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We’ve all had a rough month, what with the COVID-19 and all the impacts it’s left on peoples lives, and while I feel great distress from seeing what is happening outside my four-walls to the world outside I have chosen to continue my work no matter how upset I am or unwell I feel; times like these we need entertainment, especially for those in quarantine or self-isolation who might not be used to it.
As an INFJ personality type I am use to being alone with nothing but my thoughts to keep me company, and if it wasn’t for that fact I wouldn’t probably have these creations to share. So being alone is normal for me, I just hope everyone else out there who aren’t use to this way of living can cope with it for as long as possible to kill off this disease. Anyway enough of the gloom, time for some progress updates.

The Jinimaru Project – Progress Update

The usual nonsense here; I’m doing the artwork and the writing in equal parts for the Edris Compendium, but have been feeling unwell for the last week or two and have needed more bed-rest and down time. So while it looks like I am still going to reach my target for finishing all the writing and artwork by Autumn, I am not sure if I will be able to edit it all in time for a release until mid to late Winter.
You can find an artwork sample below for an outfit example, but no written sample this time around as the area this artwork slots into hasn’t been drafted out yet.

This artwork features later in the book, and does not have written work to accompany it yet.

Specimen G-13 and the Jinimaru Folklore Compilation is still getting proof-read and edited. There is still no known time I can give for release of either, but I have at least set a deadline for the 30th of October for Specimen G-13 to be edited enough for publishing. More on this next month!

Status of Selling Paintings

I am continuing to paint when I feel the energy to stand up and do it, editing the photographs I take to turn them into prints, and inserting the artwork into the Edris Compendium (or other relevant books). However, while the prints are remaining for sale on Redbubble the originals will no longer be sold on E-Bay as I was advised to avoid it, as people could scam me out of both my work and money. For this reason all my paintings will be sold privately through my Social Media.

Paintings will be paid for via PayPal, and when my Compendium artwork is finished I will be opening up slots for Painting Commissions. Please remember to follow either my Facebook page or my Twitter to learn when they are open, or paintings up for sale.

Process for creating one of the paintings.

You can now find time-lapses for some of the artwork on my YouTube channel, along with more detailed information about how I make these paintings on this page.

I still have a discount code for Redbubble, for 15% off any purchase on their website, this one expires September 1st 2020. Use this coupon at checkout: RBC-B15SVCWH

Website Overhaul!

I got plenty of people saying the website was looking tired and didn’t showcase my work enough, so I have started giving it a much needed face-lift!

There have been a few drastic changes to begin with such as the site layout (Pass 1), then several minor changes to menu options and positioning of certain items (Pass 2).
I am currently trying to iron out bugs, such as the side-bar randomly vanishing among other things, including optimisation so the site runs faster (Pass 3). Finally, when I’ve worked out the bugs, I will then finish off the graphical look of the site with polish and unique artwork. (Pass 4)

The site in 2017 /2018 looked really outdated!
While the site ran better with its redesign in 2018/2019 it didn’t show much in the way of artwork.
The temporary website design.

If I cannot get the bugs fixed with this website layout I will be scrapping this design and working on a new one. There may be multiple revisions of the website until I find a system that works the way I want, whilst also keeping a clean layout and allowing me to insert whatever artwork I want.

The site could change in a heartbeat, so don’t get too comfortable with this current layout!

Final Thoughts

I have been juggling again, which isn’t a good thing when you’re not feeling very well (both mentally and physically) so once more Donisaur has been on the backseat whilst I prioritise getting the website looking nice and working properly. I hope to have the site working the way I want to by mid-April and then I can focus on getting Donisaur Volume 2 finished up…but for now, it’s still shrouded in mystery for you all! No teaser pictures this time around I’m afraid.

Stay safe, and I’ll catch you all again next month.

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