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Weekly Update #19

I still don’t have access to my computer right now due to the building work going on at home, but I am still doing plenty of drawing work! You can see photos of my latest projects as soon as I finish them by checking out either my Twitter or Instagram pages (both of them can be found at the bottom of this site.) I have tried posting them on the website but I keep getting an error code relating to the dimensions of the photos being too large, and I can’t modify them any more.

So what is all this artwork for? It’s a few things really, one obviously being the Subject 218 issue #2, but the rest can be a bit confusing for those who have not been following the development of the Jinimaru Project. Most of the images are concept art for the next couple of books (Specimen G-13) whilst others are for the brand new Lite edition guidebooks. I have opted to do all the artwork for these guidebooks entirely in traditional media, to compliment the theme of traditional biology textbooks I am going for. Regardless of which artwork you see just remember that both of these projects are very large and won’t be seen for a few months.

In other news, we did not get a table for Comic con this year, but I am still going as a regular guest. I think I will take this opportunity to make an article about the event as it unfolds!

Not much else to say really other than gfuel review is still getting updated with the new flavours (just no images right now) as I sample them. I have one more left to try before the bonus rounds are over, and afterwards it will all be down to public suggestions or recommendations. If you have a flavour you think I should try and review then drop it in an email to!


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