Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What age-rating are the works produced for?

All pieces of work are made for different audiences, including a variety of ages. You can typically find the recommended age for the reader on the projects page provided for it. As a precaution, all Explicit work has its language automatically censored on the site.

I want to commission a piece of artwork. Is there a restriction to what can be done?

This actually depends on what the artwork is and what it will be used for. It is best to ask this question yourself through E-mail, as everyone's projects and uses for those projects are different.

Do you provide commissioned writing services?

Unfortunately not; writing services, including proof-reading, are exclusively for the use of Zuperbuu Works.

I noticed an error in your E-book. Can I get it fixed?

Yes. Please send us an E-mail first with where the error is located (page number, paragraph) so the version up for sale can be corrected. Please note that Subject 218 is the only series written with American-English spelling. All other books are written in British-English.
When the E-book is corrected, you should be able to return to the site you got it from and grab the updated version for free from your book downloads page.