Please note that Subject 218 is entering a re-edit phase as I now have a more dedicated proof-reader for the project.

The Novels

Volume 1 – Operation: HUNT DOWN (Re-edit TBC) – Unavailable
Tim recalls his life after he is forced into being a government experiment, where he escapes and is hunted for his blood after destroying the biological weapons research. His childhood friends join in as he travels across the country; fleeing the law, testing relationships and getting involved in over his head with various criminal activities. Will he learn to control his powers before he hurts someone he loves?

Volume 2 – Code-name: BLOODHOUND (Re-edit TBC) – Unavailable
Tim is sent by the government to track down and kill one of his former friends after learning that they had been working for a terrorist organisation the whole time, but with the same formula running through their veins, not just anyone can kill them. But Tim learns a dark truth behind the formula and his family, and once again must make a decision that would not only change his life forever, but also the relationship shared between America and the rest of the world.

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