Specimen G-13

Specimen G-13 is an episodic series based around the first Jinimaru Thomas encountered in his dreams. At present, the story is divided into a trilogy of novels, with room for further expansion outside the usual Jinimaru Folklore stories.

Whilst the Folklore stories can be read by those aged 12 and up; Specimen G-13 is intended for more mature audiences as it contains advanced language that may be difficult for younger people to read, whilst also having increased levels of violence, foul language, abuse and narcotic use in each volume. For these reasons, it is advised those under the age of 15 do not read this series.

Books for Specimen G-13 are displayed in chronological order.

Specimen G-13: Origins (2020)

This book is the prequel to Specimen G-13 and is part of the Folklore series.

The Jinimaru are a race of humanoid-like felines on an evolutionary par with Humans. They are still primitive in appearance, but their cognitive abilities and guile are far more advanced than what we may see on the surface. One such ability is the telling of tales, many of which are based on fact within their culture. In ORIGINS we explore an actual event within the Jinimaru history, that is not one of those simple fairy tales they might tell their cubs. Delving back millions of years to their alien ancestors, the Feles, leading to the ultimate destruction of the civilisation. Who were the Feles, and what evil brought about their doom? And who brought it upon themselves to bring the Feles back as Jinimaru?

Included with the Regular Hardback of Specimen G-13.


Specimen G-13 (2020)

Not much is known about the strange experiments that take place in the Biological Weapons Research Institute located in Arizona, but one thing spawned from its depths is whispered through the network of scientists across the globe: Specimen G-13. A Jinimaru like no other, intelligence beyond what was deemed possible for a beast. He was a marvellous achievement and would have been the start of great things to come for modern medicine. However, perhaps he was made just a bit too smart.
G-13 escapes amid a relocation procedure and is on the run, armed with enough tricks, gadgets and knowledge to fool anyone he meets into believing he is Human. The worlds greatest hunters are no match for him, and the institute in charge of his recapture, JRACS, are pushed to their limits. They turn to a common bounty hunter called Julien Hoskins; a man with no knowledge in dealing with Maru. Soon Julien wishes he hadn’t taken the job, after he uncovers more than just the true origins of the beast he is hunting.
With G-13 able to blend in with Humans, how can Julien ever hope to find and stop him?

Available in Regular and Hardback. (Hardback includes the prequel, ORIGINS.)

Specimen G-13: Wrath of The Lancer (2021)

The alien world of Edris is reborn, now occupied by Jinimaru who once called Earth their home. Free from the tribal lives and fearful co-existing with Humans as minorities, the space-felines rightfully call Edris their own personal Heaven, however not everything is as it seems.

Edris’ civilisation is divided by politics, brought about by their introduction into a circle of Alien Communities; the Federation of Jinimaru, a government and monarchy set up by the Galactic Federation, are teetering on the brink of war with the opposing government, set up by the natives, dubbed the Feles Union.

Countless Federal members have been assassinated by a Feles Union operative known only as the Lancer, and new arrivals Gakidou, Kalpa and Kate have to take matters into their own hands to stop the Lancer from turning Edris into their own personal Hell.

Available in Regular and Hardback.

Specimen G-13: Heart of the Feles (TBC)

Several years after the events of “Wrath of the Lancer”; Gakidou returns after his long quest to find proof in the ruins of Grek’tal, following the guidance he received from the Flame-Bitten Ones who told him to uncover dark truths about who really caused the ecosystem to collapse on the planet. The natives, who once believed it was solely the fault of the Axion Empire, soon find out through Gakidou’s proof that another Alien race was responsible for directing the Axion to attack Edris.

Edris residents seek clarity over the true cause of the original Feles Extinction, and that the Galactic Federation punish the true perpetrators, has turned relations sour between multiple members of the Federation. Once again, the space-felines end up torn by ideologies, dividing families and even the two political systems over a single question: how should these perpetrators be punished?

Kalpa and Gakidou are once again put into the hot seat of the debate, however, this time around the real reasoning behind Jonas original decision not to take Gakidou to Edris is laid bare for all to witness: while Kalpa believes it should be left to the Galactic Community to punish the perpetrators for their crimes, Gakidou thinks the punishment will not be severe enough and that the entire species should be eradicated, also stating that he has the knowledge and skills to make it happen.

Can Kalpa sway Gakidou’s mind from the hate, or will Jonas’ predictions become a reality?


Guides are provided for those who wish to enrich their reading experiences further, or who would like to learn more about the Feles, Jinimaru and other creatures found in the Specimen G-13 or Jinimaru Folklore stories for their own projects.

Guides are considered factual reading and are only recommended to those who enjoy that style of writing and take longer to produce than other books. They can also end up going through multiple revisions as I learn more about the world in my dreams, and as the new information refines and/or changes existing information.

Guides contain all information in one book, Handbooks only offer “the essentials” and are a small portion of what is in the Guides.
Books labelled as Cosplay Editions are identical to the Standard Edition only with a cover or size that is better suited to be used as part of a costume, as these guidebooks also exist in the Jinimaru world.

A Beginners Guide to Jinimaru (2018)

This book is a Guide about Jinimaru and is intended for Beginners. Serving as an appendix and guide to understanding the long evolutionary history of the Jinimaru, accompanied by illustrations/descriptions of their anatomy and way of life. An entire species biology, history and culture are all in this book, accompanied by more detailed information on each of the cultural characters within the other stories. EPUB is in full-colour unless viewed on ink-based E-readers.

The HANDBOOK edition only covers the first 2 chapters of The Beginners Guide and is only intended for those who want the bare basics, and illustrations for each breed. It can be found here: EPUB/PRINT
This book does NOT have a Cosplay edition.

The Edris Compendium (2020)
Standard EPUB
Print Replica EPUB

This book is a guide about the entire new Feles Civilisation and Edris Ecosystem, it is intended for beginners. Based around the Feles home-world of Edris, the Compendium is choc-full of artwork drawn by explorers of the various flora, fauna and alien scenery ranging from modern architecture to the ruins of the past Feles Civilisation. Notes, illustrations and helpful information for the aspiring Alien tourist or newly re-homed Human or Jinimaru can be found in the Edris Compendium, to help ensure both they and the alien world they visit remain safe and happy.

This book does NOT have a Handbook edition.
A COSPLAY edition can be found here: Print Only

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