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Weekly Update #11

No major update this week as I have been very sick, and I am still waiting for samples to arrive from Redbubble and the badge makers.The “G-Fuel 7 Day Taster” review is finished, but I will be doing a month-long review to see if it even works through the entirety of July. Results will be […]

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Weekly Update #10

I apologise for the video being split, but getting a printed copy of the comics individual issues sorted out has been a real mind-wrecking experience! Hopefully in the coming weeks I can start getting this moving forward, but we shall soon see. Just a caution for those who want to go into self-publishing both books […]

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Weekly Update #6

This week is another video blog! OH and I forgot to mention in the video that the Subject 218 info page now has more information about how the comic is developed, including images! Next week will just be a typing blog, unless I have something physical to show. Thomas

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Weekly Update #5

I know I posted something already recently, about Donisaur’s first book, but the sample copy finally arrived!And this week I thought I would try something different…instead of a normal written update, here’s a video one! (I will upload images of the redbubble samples another time when I have more to show.) That’s all for now! […]


RAWR! He’s got his first book!

Donisaur finally has it’s first book completed. It is now available in print, and the next 4 books are drafted out. They won’t be started until the first issue of Subject 218 comic is finished. You can grab a copy of the printed book here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/thomas-edwards/rawr-its-donisaur-t-rex/paperback/product-24097094.html I am ordering myself a copy to give to […]