Specimen G-13

A product of Human Genetic Engineering on Jinimaru; G-13 lived his entire childhood confined in a sterile laboratory, isolated from his 3 siblings and knowing little about the outside world besides what he could learn from the books and videos he had been given as part of some laboratory test or experiment.
G-13 possesses a faulty gene in his DNA that makes performing physical genetic alterations easy, such as changing his fur colour to purple, yet this faulty gene also made him susceptible to a dangerous illness to members of his kind. This illness caused his fur to start falling out, stunted his growth, shortened his temper, and made his iris turn blood-red.

Height: 4’8″
Weight: 40kg (approx)
Age: 19 (Human Years)
Species: Jinimaru (GM)
Featured Books: Specimen G-13 (Series)


The sole survivor of the Feles race, and ancestor of the Jinimaru; Aeon was born and raised in servitude to the tyrannical Axion Empire, on the leisure planet Riles E017.
Held on the planet to breed new slaves, Aeon had little in the way of knowledge on how dire her peoples’ situation was until the cubs she bred started being taken from her the minute they were born; desperate to stop her children being sent to work to death in mines or factories, Aeon’s lower body was crushed as she tried to flee the warehouse with her cubs. An Ulnae scientist, Jonas, rescued Aeon and gave her cybernetic legs, and offered to help her rescue other Feles. Their attempts were not successful.
To bring her people back from extinction, Aeon gave her life to allow Jonas to create a genetic imprint of her species, planted in a host specimen on Earth, to allow the Feles to evolve itself back into existence.
Aeon may have perished in the process, but the story of how she and Jonas saved the Feles from becoming just a memory lives on.

Height: 5’2″
Weight: 50kg (approx)
Age: 31 (Human Years)
Species: Feles
Featured Books: Specimen G-13 (Series)


Geneticist and devoted biologist to the Galactic Federation; Jonas spent most of his life on other planets rather than on his homeworld of Ulnaeia. Favouring the tranquillity of nature, a rarity on Ulnaeia, Jonas frequently visited the Feles Homeworld of Edris to study the plants and animals found there. One day, however, his usual trip to Edris was cut short as he bore witness to the Axion Empire invading. Jonas was fraught with distress at how the Feles were butchered or enslaved, and wished to help them, but he had to do it quietly to not encourage a similar incident from happening to his own people. That is when he stumbles upon Aeon, after Axion guards summoned him to help fix her crushed legs. Instead of doing that, Jonas instead took Aeon as far away from harm as possible, and with her sacrifice, managed to save the Feles and birth the Jinimaru.

Height: 5’6″
Weight: Unknown
Age: Unknown (Human Years), 52 (Ulnae Years)
Species: Ulnae
Featured Books: Specimen G-13 (Series)

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