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The 3D Edris Guide

The 3D Edris Guide

Edris is an alien world located on the opposite side of the Milky Way to Earth and was the native home of the Feles. Other alien civilizations visited Edris to marvel at its natural beauty, which remained vastly unspoiled until the Axion invaded and ravaged the planet.
It was restored back to its former glory, albeit missing its native inhabitants and a handful of flora, by the Galactic Federation. The missing flora was substituted by similar plants found on Earth, such as citrus trees and coffee shrubs. The natives, having been driven to extinction, were restored through genetic engineering.

Edris’ climate is as extreme as its flora and fauna; to the north, intense deserts and badlands dominate the landscape. The center is the most temperate, occupied by a band of towering peaks and surrounding forests. However, just on the borders of the mountains lies a strip of swamps and jungle known as the Dra’kaa belt; with choking humidity, heavy rainfall, and intense heat both at night and during the day.
The far south consists of boreal forests and icy mountain ranges, with a gigantic glacier making up the south pole region, known as the Arctic Shelf.

The World Map

Top, 3D model of the actual world map. Bottom, a map drawn by one of the first settlers.

Capital Cities



Political System

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