Series: Subject 218

Important: The Subject 218 series are considered explicit and is not suitable for readers below the age of 18.

This page contains information and outside links about the series "Subject 218", also known as "The Tales of Tim".

"I’m going to be blunt with you here, even if you’re some smart-*** with a degree or major or whatever those things are ******* called now; I have no manners. I say whatever the **** I want, when I want!" - Tim, Hunt Down


The origins of Subject 218
The first book, Hunt Down, was the original story concept for Tim Adrien Argan that was scrapped for many years, first developed in 2004.
The story was first scrapped after Thomas saw potential for Tim's usage in "The Jinimaru Chronicles" in 2010, after the concept of militarised creature experimentation on humans became the main plot-line for the story.
In 2013; Hunt Down was dragged back to life once Thomas came to his senses, and decided that it would be a nice "alternate timeline" to the Specimen G-13 series.
Whilst the story itself has changed drastically from the original concept from 2004, it still retains many traits from the original, including the title of the first volume Operation: HUNT DOWN

Reading Requirements/Information
- This novel requires no knowledge at all of Jinimaru since it does not feature them heavily, and when they do become present the basic information is provided.
- The language and themes of all volumes in Subject 218 are explicit.
- All volumes are written in first-person.
- Not all volumes are written by the same character.

Novel Chronology

Volume 1 - Operation: HUNT DOWN
 (2018) - Available in Print and EPUB

Tim recalls his life after he is forced into being a government experiment, where he escapes and is hunted for his blood after destroying the biological weapons research. His childhood friends join in as he travels across the country; fleeing the law, testing relationships and getting involved in over his head with various criminal activities. Will he learn to control his powers before he hurts someone he loves?


Volume 2 - Code-name: BLOODHOUND
 (2018) - Available in Print and EPUB

Tim is sent by the government to track down and kill one of his former friends after learning that they had been working for a terrorist organisation the whole time, but with the same formula running through their veins not just anyone can kill them. But Tim learns a dark truth behind the formula and his family, and once again must make a decision that would not only change his life forever, but also the relationship shared between America and the rest of the world.


Volume 3 - Figure: BREAKING POINT (Late 2019 - In Progress)
James decides to write about the childhood he shared with Kyle and Tim, set long before the events of Operation: HUNT DOWN. From Kyle moving to Phoenix for the first time, to the start of Tim's drinking problem, all the way up until the gang leave The Lot on a field trip which would change their lives forever. Things could have been very different if a handful of events had not played out the way they did. Just what set Tim off on this dark path, and how could it have been avoided?

Mini Series- Mission: PADFOOT (TBC 2019 - Draft)

A series of short stories involving the various heists the gang took part in, in volume 1.



The comic series is released per issue before being compiled into a volume package. There will be 10 issues per volume. Comics will be started once the novel is finished.


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