Important: The Jinimaru works vary in difficulty and age rating, ranging from junior to adult. Please ensure you read the maturity level of the book before purchasing.

"There is the beast, the machine and the 'Human being'. You are educated to neglect the beast and embrace the machine, its guise under the ruse of being the 'Human'...when in fact, you are a beast controlled by the machine." - Daio, Specimen G-13


The origins of the Jinimaru

The origin of the Jinimaru trails to 1998, in a dream series that Thomas had. Gakidou, the
most frequent member of the Jinimaru to appear in all his stories, first appeared in one of these dreams as a ghoulish hound and was later developed into a humanoid as a Dragonball Z fan-character.

[image from 1999/2000]

By 2006, Gakidou was returned to being an original character and had a full overhaul; becoming what you see today, accompanied by his relatives and the entire Jinimaru species. It took Thomas over 16 years to refine everything and suck up the courage to share these stories that he loved dreaming about and telling to his cats.

[image from 2006]

The chronicles are divided into two separate categories: Tales and Episodes.
Tales are short stories, whilst Episodes are far longer and spread over more than one book. As an example, Tales of Jinimaru Folklore are completely different short stories, whilst Beta and Omega are two different episodes of the same story.

Reading Requirements/Information
- It is strongly recommended to read A Beginners Guide to Jinimaru, or to at least read the Preface of each book to get a basic understanding of what the Maru are.
- Each book in the Tales of Jinimaru Folklore are written in either first-person or third-person. All Episodes to The Jinimaru Chronicles are written in third-person.
- Tales of Jinimaru Folklore vary in difficulty and age restriction. None are Explicit. Please check before purchasing a volume to see if it is suitable for the desired readers age.
- The Jinimaru Chronicles are considered Mature.
- A Beginners Guide to Jinimaru contains mature writing and Images. This is why a basic description of Jinimaru can be found in all book Prefaces.


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