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Important: The Jinimaru works vary in difficulty and age rating, ranging from junior to adult. Please ensure you read the maturity level of the book before purchasing.

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"There is the beast, the machine and the 'Human being'. You are educated to neglect the beast and embrace the machine, its guise under the ruse of being the 'Human'...when in fact, you are a beast controlled by the machine." - Daio, Specimen G-13



The origins of the Jinimaru, and the Chronicles
The origin of the Jinimaru trails to 1998, in a dream series that Thomas had. Gakidou, the
most frequent member of the Jinimaru to appear in all his stories, first appeared in one of these dreams as a ghoulish hound and was later developed into a humanoid as a Dragonball Z fan-character.
By 2006, Gakidou was returned to being an original character and had a full overhaul; becoming what you see today, accompanied by his relatives and the entire Jinimaru species. It took Thomas over 16 years to refine everything and suck up the courage to share these stories that he loved dreaming about and telling to his cats.

The chronicles are divided into two separate categories: Tales and Episodes.
Tales are short stories, whilst Episodes are far longer and spread over more than one book. As an example, Tales of Jinimaru Folklore are completely different short stories, whilst Beta and Omega are two different episodes of the same story.

Reading Requirements/Information
- It is strongly recommended to read A Beginners Guide to Jinimaru, or to at least read the Preface of each book to get a basic understanding of what the Maru are.
- Each book in the Tales of Jinimaru Folklore are written in either first-person or third-person. All Episodes to The Jinimaru Chronicles are written in third-person.
- Tales of Jinimaru Folklore vary in difficulty and age restriction. None are Explicit. Please check before purchasing a volume to see if it is suitable for the desired readers age.
- The Jinimaru Chronicles are considered Mature.
- A Beginners Guide to Jinimaru contains mature writing and Images. This is why a basic description of Jinimaru can be found in all book Prefaces.


Novel Chronology

A Beginners Guide to Jinimaru (2018) (Colour and Black & White) - Available in Print (Colour) (B&W) and EPUB
This book serves as an appendices and guide to understanding the long evolutionary history of the Jinimaru, accompanied by illustrations/descriptions of their anatomy and way of life. An entire species biology, history and culture is all in this book, accompanied by more detailed information on each of the characters within the other stories.
All concept-art of Jinimaru characters featured in other stories are featured in the Guide, as are various other pieces of artwork relating to them.

Available in Full Colour (Recommended), or Black & White. EPUB is in full-colour unless viewed on ink-based E-readers.


Specimen G-13 (Episode 1, 2019)

-This Book is scheduled for the end of the first quarter of 2019. It is recommended that you at least read Folklore Volume 1 first.-

Not much is known about the strange experiments that take place in the Biological Weapons Research Institute located in Arizona, but one thing spawned from its depths is whispered through the network of scientists across the globe: Specimen G-13. A Jinimaru like no other, intelligence beyond what was deemed possible for a beast. He was a marvellous achievement and would have been the start of great things to come for modern medicine. However, perhaps he was made just a bit too smart.
G-13 escapes amid a relocation procedure and is on the run, armed with enough tricks, gadgets and knowledge to fool anyone he meets into believing he is Human. The worlds greatest hunters are no match for him, and the institute in charge for his recapture, JRACS, are pushed to their limits.
They turn to a common bounty hunter called Julien Hoskins; a man with no knowledge in dealing with Maru. Soon Julien wishes he hadn't taken the job, after he uncovers more than just the true origins of the beast he is hunting.
With G-13 able to blend in with Humans, how can Julien ever hope to find and stop G-13?

Chronology for Tales of Jinimaru Folklore
A series of mini-stories based on Jinimaru from various time periods and countries; each story is part of official Jinimaru folklore that are even referenced in the Chronicles, though whether or not the beings mentioned in the folklore stories were real or not is down to reader speculation.

Volume 1 - Origins (2018) - Available in Print and EPUB
Set in space, the great alien ancestors of the Jinimaru are on the verge of extinction. Can one alien geneticist, and one Feles refugee, save them?

Volume 2 - Koru and Koura (2018) - Available in Print and EPUB
A forest is being destroyed for urban settlements on a small island in China, stirring an ancient Jinimaru deity into vengeance, whilst it is up to a young cub to stop him. Can Koru save the islanders from Koura's poisonous hatred?

Volume 3 - N'iota, The Creature of Ambition (2018)
A slave-turned-pirate Jinimaru, who seeks to create a better life for his people; to free them from slavers, and bring justice against a corrupt Naval Officer that robbed him of his voice. His ambition to save his people and spread his message, that a Jinimaru can do anything if he or she puts their mind to it, drives N’iota to desperate measures to see his vision become a reality. Can N’iota end the enslavement of Jinimaru, or will he simply make things worse?

Volume 4 - James, The Mad Cat (2018)
A thief of the old American West, James Hanson, enjoys nothing more than harassing and tormenting the local Marshall, has a habit of stealing items for others without wanting any pay, just so he can annoy Marshall Jensen, earned him the title of the "Mad Cat". Will the Marshall finally bring him to justice?

More to come!


Cover art for Volume 2 of Jinimaru Folklore

Cover art for Volume 1 of Jinimaru Folklore


Cover art for Volume 3 of Jinimaru Folklore

Cover art for Volume 4 of Jinimaru Folklore

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