NOTE: All commission services are temporarily closed, whilst I finish off the latest line of books.

Artwork Commissions: Temporarily Closed
Costume and Prop Commissions: Temporarily Closed
Computer Model Commissions: Temporarily Closed
SecondLife Commissions: No Longer Available

Please contact us via for all of the below business enquiries. I will check and respond to your query as soon as possible, however I will not be working on it until the next working day.
Our hours are UK Time based: We are now open from 9AM to 5PM on weekdays. We do not work actively on Bank Holidays or on Weekends, but will still respond to queries.

Artwork Pricing is negotiable.  These are just an example and rough estimate, however, the price is negotiable. Requesting work be done for free is not tolerated; all artwork must be paid for in money, "exposure" is not a suitable payment method.

-The fully coloured images in the concept-art style are around £20 each.
-Sketches are around £5 for an entire sheet of sketches. A single sketch of one character is capped at the same price, so it’s worth asking for a full sheet instead of just one sketch.
-If what you want drawing is mature, please visit this site to commission us.

Costume and Prop work is non-negotiable.  Items made for convention sales and such are priced accordingly, and their price will not change, even after the convention is over. Further details on costume prices .etc will be made available within the near future.

Computer Models are negotiable. 
Models are charged £2 per hour or £20 per day. If you want the model rigging, or an armature instead of a model, this price can change.

-A basic armature is £5.
-Having an armature included with your commission is an additional £2.
-Rigging the model to the armature is free, if you request it.

Sometimes complications when rigging can arise and delay the model; you will not be charged for this delay.
Basic-shaded UV maps will be provided as well with your model, and exported formats available are .dae and .obj formats. We will look into any other formats if you require it.
An animation test of the model will be delivered to you via email when the build is completed, and if there are any problems with it this is the time to mention it. Remember that you will still be charged if we have to rework parts of the model.
When the model is to your liking we will send you your total bill, which when paid will then result in us sending you your model/rig.

Second Life Work is no longer available.
Due to time and previous issues with Second Life, we no longer take commissions involving the program, nor do we provide further support for it.