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Another Year, another case of procrastination!

I’m 25 today…yaaaay!
Nothing much to announce yet besides the fact the Fufe sculpture is finally finished, and that I am once again having serious issues focusing on my writing and drawing work…it’s not good, but at least I get something readable done now and then…just not enough to get a whole book published.
Sickness, procrastination, lack of motivation, changes in my time schedule and the addition of a new kitty to the family has all been flooding my writing time or damaging it…let us hope this sea of madness soon subsides!
So thanks for the support and patience, and for sticking by me for another year!

In other news; the Archaeopteryx avatars got updated on Secondlife as have the Pterosaurs, the Fufe is now available as an avatar and the Transformers avatars are back up under my partner Cid Huckleberry’s shop (you can find it by searching for him under ‘merchants’) so there are at least a few other things to update you about!

~Thomas Edwards

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