Guides are provided for those who wish to enrich their reading experiences further, or who would like to learn more about the Feles, Jinimaru and other creatures found in these stories for their own projects. Guides are considered factual reading, and are only recommended to those who enjoy that style of writing. Guides take longer to produce than other books and can go through multiple revisions.

Guides contain all information in one book, whether it touches the basics or goes into complete detail depends on if the volume is intended for Beginners or for Veterans.

A Beginners Guide to Jinimaru (2018) – Available in Print and eBook

This book is a Guide about Jinimaru, and is intended for Beginners. Serving as an appendices and guide to understanding the long evolutionary history of the Jinimaru, accompanied by illustrations/descriptions of their anatomy and way of life. An entire species biology, history and culture is all in this book, accompanied by more detailed information on each of the cultural characters within the other stories. This book contains the basics; more detailed information is provided in the Light Edition of the relevant subject matter.
Available in Full Colour (Recommended), or Black & White. EPUB is in full-colour unless viewed on ink-based E-readers.

The Edris Compendium (2020) – Available here as well as a Print-replica eBook

This book is a guide about the entire new Feles Civilisation and Edris Ecosystem, it is intended for beginners. Based around the Feles home-world of Edris, the Compendium is choc-full of artwork drawn by explorers of the various flora, fauna and alien scenery ranging from modern architecture to the ruins of the past Feles Civilisation. Notes, illustrations and helpful information for the aspiring Alien tourist or newly re-homed Human or Jinimaru can be found in the Edris Compendium, to help ensure both they and the alien world they visit remain safe and happy.

Future guides are revisions of the originals, dubbed Jinimaru for Veterans and The Edris Compendium: Cosplay Editionintended for those who want a more detailed and text-heavy book. The Veterans Editions do not require the reader to have knowledge from the Beginners Editions as it includes the information from the beginners guides,though they can be a bit on the daunting side with their longer subject coverage and advanced terminology. As such Beginners Editions are intended for those who want to learn more about these feline worlds but in more manageable bite-sized chunks. Books labelled as Cosplay Editions are identical to the Beginners Edition only with a cover that is better suited to be used as part of a costume.

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