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Now that we’ve seen the websites, as well as the benefits and different issues with them, it’s time to see how the final product turns out after all that work. If you haven’t read the creation process yet, or would like to know how accessible services like LuLu, Blurb, and Amazon are, please click the below button.

LuLu and Amazon

The book I had printed on LuLu and Blurb is the same one I got printed at Amazon, but just much larger and in paperback. I have had paperbacks printed of different books before by LuLu, which are not handled by Amazon, so for comparison’s sake I will be using the Amazon copy of the Edris Compendium for the previewer accuracy, and Subject 218 for LuLu and Amazon’s printing quality. We’ll start with the quality of the print.

Amazon (LEFT) and LuLu (RIGHT)

Whilst the book has new cover art, what really matters here is the quality of the print and level of care by the factory when putting the book together. The book size also doesn’t matter, as I condensed the book when I migrated it to Amazon. LuLu did indeed print this book at the size I wanted back when I ordered it.
Both samples came out vibrant and cleanly cut, on the front, spine and back.

Amazon (LEFT) and LuLu (RIGHT)

My only complaints with the LuLu book have even been fixed with recent changes they made to their site and facilities; barcodes aren’t this long anymore, and the type of paper they use for the cream option is significantly better.
Now let’s see if the Amazon previewer is even accurate…

The Amazon previewer vs the product received.

This previewer has been the most accurate one I have used so far out of the three sites; the cuts are clean, very close to the bleed edge leaving no white areas, and the margins look like they do in the previewer as well. I do find the lack of highlighting areas (like bleed and margins) a bit difficult to work without, but thankfully the Amazon previewer has been consistently accurate for me even though they don’t show how far my document bleeds; they simply cut off the bleed areas in the previewer itself.

Previewer Accuracy



Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Amazon previewer was highly accurate, but it would be better if the guidelines were easier to see.

LuLu’s previewer is fairly accurate and more helpful than the other sites but is still notably flawed.

Quality Control



Rating: 5 out of 5.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The books look fantastic and feel great, they are also consistently good quality.

LuLu printing of paperbacks has always been excellent, and consistent.

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