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My Gakidou

This is the non-fictional tale of Zuperbuu Works founder, Thomas Took Edwards, dubbed “My Gakidou”. Please note this is a story based around Thomas’ life and struggles being transgender, and is not to be confused with the fictional series starring the character of Gakidou. To read this creatures story, please head over to “Specimen G-13“.



Thomas grew up living a life he never wanted; from hating his gender, to being alienated by many for chasing his dreams, and more recently struggling to find his place in society. His story is not one of a person who became successful from having nothing, or how he survived living in a war or disaster zone. Thomas’ story is what many would consider as “average” on the surface, but that is why it must be told; it isn’t average at all.

All his life, Thomas has been good at one thing; telling stories.
Hiding his true feelings, lying about what was on his mind, and sheltering others from how broken and dead he felt inside, Thomas felt he could only channel this energy into writing.

Ever since he was young he wanted to be a boy, wanted to work in the entertainment industry, and engage in palaeontology on the side as a past-time. Many tried to beat these dreams out of him, both mentally and physically, and on numerous occasions Thomas contemplated taking his own life, but there was one who always came to him when those dark thoughts crept into his head. One being who pulled him back, anchored him down, and helped get things back in line.

This is the story of how one entity within Thomas’ head kept him alive.

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