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losing speed

This page contains information and outside links about the novel “Losing Speed”.

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The origins of Losing Speed
Losing Speed originated from a series of drawings inspired by music from the album “Hopes and Fears” by the English Alternative Rock Band, Keane, in 2004.
The story was developed through the characters imagined by each song from the album, with the overall story still being ‘incomplete’ by 2009.
In 2011; the story was briefed out, though it was scrapped in 2017 and is now sat in the rewrite stage. Story Brief (Release Date TBC)
A lone King Cheetah cub is saved from death by a Leopard known only as ‘Boss’ and is taken into his care. The Cheetah is named Knip, and he grows up alongside his adoptive parent having never seen another Cheetah out on the savannah of Africa. Boss tells him that he is the last Cheetah in the wild, and that if he wants to be around his own kind he must meet ‘the right people’.
Boss explains to Knip about animals kept in captivity to save their species from going extinct, and tells him of the time he spent in captivity, and how he got caught in the first place.
Knip and Boss embark on a mission to reach a reserve, for Knip to join his own kind, and to help stop his species from becoming extinct. Is this mission doomed from the start? Reading Requirements/Information
–  This story is written in third-person.
– No knowledge of Jinimaru is needed, as they are not involved in this story in any shape or form.
– Losing Speed is considered suitable for everyone to read.

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