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Asian Jinimaru Avatars Launched!

The Asian Jinimaru have finally been launched on Second Life! Featuring all new rigged-mesh thighs and digigrade legs, complete with a totally new look and design that will soon be applied to the Grassland/Desert/Alpine Jinimaru “Avatar Kit” Update.


Unlike the existing Kit, which contains all three of the most common Jinimaru breeds, the Asian variety come with pre-coloured skins. This singular-skin is only applicable to the Asian, Marine and Australian varieties of Maru; so users who already own the large “kit” do not need to worry about losing the tintable skin layers feature (we plan on keeping that trait for the default, domestic and cub kits! It’s going nowhere!)
All future Maru avatars will be made with partial mesh, partial sculpt and with the default SL head from now on (the mesh head we tried to make was insanely buggy and would not upload correctly. We will keep trying though.)

Grab your Asian Maru now on Marketplace, or sit tight and wait for the release of the Limited Edition…ooooh…I wonder who that will be?


Thomas is the founder and primary creator of Zuperbuu Works. He writes all the stories, draws the relevant artwork for them, then deals with the colours and edits himself.

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