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Changes rolling out!

This is just a quick update for you regarding the changes going on for the site. All the pages have been condensed, rearranged, or labelled different to how they were 3 months ago. I have not yet enabled the “Comics” section of the Subject 218 Projects yet, as it literally has no content but a paragraph of text to see right now. The site might still appear messy in a few places, please bare with me on that!

I am waiting for my new scanner to arrive right now, so until then I have only made one new header for the site. I have 4 more planned out, the drawings are complete, but they cannot be coloured yet as they have not been scanned in.
I am still looking into alternative means for subscriber services, to prevent malicious bots from exploiting it like they did to the last one I used. Until then, I continue to urge you to just bookmark the site and check up on it now and again, or to follow us on facebook.

That’s all for now, thanks for being patient and I hope you like the new look!


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