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Stream is all set up!

This is a quick update, and yes, it’s two in one day! Well I got the stream all set up and ran a test today to see how it coped, and everything seemed to run perfectly fine. I just muttered a lot while I worked, but I hope to be less of a mumbler the more streams I do. It’s a little nerve-wrecking…

So what does this mean? Well, it means you can watch the entire process of how I take a sketch and bring it to life in the form of the wonderful prints I have been churning out, and you can also ask me questions in real-time for me to answer. I am still planning a schedule for the stream, and as we still have loud building work going on at the new house it is not likely to be a regular thing to start off with, so the one update a week here will have to do for now, along with a random stream now and again for an hour or two.
You can see when I am live on the website anytime now! Just click the Twitch button whenever you fancy stopping by and saying hello, or you can catch a replay of previous ones instead. Right now I am doing streams for the process of the next print (the character N’iota), so it might be interesting to see its progress for the curious few.


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