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Last post before Japan! 🇯🇵

Good morning readers, today is going to be my last post for this year as I will be hopping on a plane to Japan on Wednesday for nearly 3 months. I wanted to share some updates with you, and inform you all of some upcoming changes and events taking place next year.

First off, my proof reader is seriously behind schedule for the last two volumes of Jinimaru Folklore, and whilst Specimen G-13 is nearly complete, it will not be handed over to my proof reader until they finish what I have already given them. The delays on the last two volumes will cause other books in the Jinimaru series to be delayed. The last volume of Subject 218 will be released as planned as a separate proof reader handles that series.

Next on the list is changes to the website; I installed a security feature to the site which reset all of the username registrations, as it too had been exploited by bots. False registrations have since stopped, so I apologise if your user got deleted in this process, and it is now possible to register again. The subscription feature will return when I give the site a face-lift next year when I get back from Japan. Ah yes, I am redesigning the website layout and graphics to make it more efficient and user friendly. The current layout works well but it isn’t quite clear on where you need to go for artwork Commissions or where to view our bookstore besides on the individual story pages. With the new layout I will also be replacing the artwork for the banner, and inserting more images into the individual pages as well.

Finally, the events; next year I will be attending ComicCon again, but I will be sharing my table with my sister who specialises in photorealistic portraits of celebrities. We have yet to decide if we will be at the Birmingham event in November or if we stick with the London event in October like last time, if we could, we would like to attend two conventions next year. Some more thought on that one, but I can confirm that we will be attending at least one of them.

Thanks again for your continued support and patience. I hope that you will enjoy the new look to the site when I come back, and enjoy the books currently on offer. Remember: epubs are available for all of our work, and cost only £1.99.


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