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    Update #2 – 2022

    I said the next update would be around June, but it’s a bit late this time around. I’ve had a lot to deal with the past few months and am feeling a bit burnt out. 3D Models I started doing more of my book/game models in May, and have been spending a bit longer on…

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    Monthly Update #11

    Ah yes, this month has been quite something. I’ve mainly been taking time off other projects to help my sister with her business, but have also been giving myself much-needed downtime as well. Let’s get into this update, shall we? 3D Models & Second Life Whilst I have no pictures to show, I have finished…

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    2021 – Monthly Update #8

    This month, I have been working on stuff that is old, and stuff that is new, plus a return to something I’d consider a bit of both. 3D Model Progress Well, this month I have been doing the usual crafting of models, it’s not exactly been for my own game or animations; it’s been for…

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    2021 – Monthly Update #7

    Today is my birthday! I’d be happy if this month hadn’t been so… surprising. Both good and bad. Let’s get the bad out of the way first. Computer Issues On July 1st, a Windows Update wiped my C: drive. The PC refused to boot up to windows because the update had removed Windows from my…

  • 2021 – Monthly Update #3

    2021 – Monthly Update #3

    This months update is a little short, mainly because I’m still feeling a bit ill, but also because I’ve been doing a lot of work that doesn’t really have much to show off right now. I’ll do my best, but you’ll probably need to check out one of my videos to fully understand what I…

  • 2021 – Monthly Update #1

    2021 – Monthly Update #1

    Well, it’s the first update of the new year! I have a bunch of things to get through, so sit tight and expect a few pics and confusing waffle associated with being self-published! Hardback Editions! It has taken me a few months of designing, and waiting, to finally be able to share on the site…

  • Monthly Update #12

    Monthly Update #12

    Happy Holidays! This year has been something, hasn’t it? I could round up everything I’ve done this year in the last update for 2020, but new things have been worked on and I don’t want a long string of highlights from the whole year to drown them out… The Edris Compendium: Cosplay Edition The work…

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    Membership temporarily Disabled

    I have had to disable sign up membership for the time being, after being notified by my security of a series of bots abusing the feature to bypass my spam filter. All the spam messages have been disposed of before anyone else could interact with them to my knowledge, and while we determined which of…

  • Monthly Update #5

    Monthly Update #5

    I have this month’s update ready! Or at least, as best I can do at this moment in time. My brain is a bit like mashed potato right now after spending the past few nights editing Specimen G-13 until I exhausted myself. Anyway; off we go! The Jinimaru Project – Status Update I have a…

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    In the process of migrating my website from one place to another, I accidentally deleted it and lost all my media files and customisation. The website layout is back to normal after 4 hours of hard work, but a lot of content is still messed up and will be missing images. The tools I used…

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