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I’ve been busy working on a few things this month! For starters, check out what I’ve been doing for my sister; a new look to her site, which I have been building for her!

3D Model Update

The Lancer model

I have been building on my collection of character and creature models, for a future game or mini-movie project. I have learnt so much this month, and feel the improvements I have made in making these models is spectacular.
I’ve worked hard to make not just one creature model, not even just two, but three of them!
The first I worked on was a “generic” Jinimaru/Feles model. This will be the base for all future characters I make, and to test out how this would work in practice I made a complete model of the Lancer from my latest book!

Generic Jinimaru/Feles base models

He has dynamic cloth and hair physics, both of which I haven’t used before, and multiple materials so he can have nice shiny belt buckles and soft fabric in one single mesh. The only “loose part” on the model itself is the tail. His weapon is also loose so I can use the model with the lance or without.

This month, and the Lancer, wouldn’t be complete without his trusty dragon steed! I just finished the female version of the Na’an dragon, and only need to do minor adjustments to the anatomy (and add markings) to make the male one which the Lancer rides. I have a doodle of how the saddle and armour will fit the dragon and hope to have both Lancer and Na’an kitted out with a fancy background before next months update.

Test render of the female Na’an model

For those who enjoy seeing these snapshots, and want to see more than just these, I advise you to follow me on Twitter where I post them more often.

An article for beginners to Publishing!

As I mentioned in last months update, I will be making more articles over the next few months to give my brain a break from writing Heart of the Feles, and this month I whipped up something for those who aren’t quite sure what path they may want to take into publishing. Do you go vanity press, traditional, self-pub, or hybrid?
I researched over 20 websites in various fields of the publishing world, and rated each type in terms of their level of risk to you, both financially and manuscript-related!

You can read this article by clicking HERE.
There is another article about print-on-demand sites HERE.

An Update on Book Progress

I made a huge error when uploading the final version of Wrath of the lancer to Amazon; the printed copy got launched a month early!! Oh no!
Oh well; you’ll be able to get the hardback editions early too because none of the services I use provides pre-order options for physical books, for some strange reason…

Anyway; the writing process for part 3, and the final entry in the Specimen G-13 trilogy, is going slow as usual. I grafted a lot this month doing the site for my sister, making new models, and writing that little article mentioned above. Heart of the Feles hasn’t really gotten much attention this month, but I will be back on it in June when I take a break from making models for a bit.

The other written project, “The Maxwell Report” for Subject 218, is on hold this month for obvious reasons (I have too much to do).

Final Thoughts

I am still feeling pretty rough; drawing and painting are still really difficult for me, even making the models are starting to take its toll on my body. I will be taking a break from making them in June, and will just be doing minor site related stuff for as well as writing for Heart of the Feles, and maybe start the Maxwell Report. We’ll see.


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