Something a Bit Different

  • Something a Bit Different

    Something a Bit Different

    The past few months have been difficult, but I have been working hard to make some progress on my projects at the very least. I’ll start with the 3D model side of things… Avatars and VTubing I picked up converting some of my models, which I intended for use in SecondLife, and converted them into…

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  • The Long Update

    The Long Update

    It’s been some time since the last update on the blog. A lot has been worked on, regardless of real-life blockades getting in the way. I am going to kick things off first with the largest one. Loss of a Feline Friend Not everyone will have experienced the loss of a pet the way I…

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    1st Update of 2023!

    ISo… that post that was meant to be out in December never happened. Sorry about that, illness sucks. Especially the kind that makes you bedridden for days, or puts a loved one in the hospital. We’re all good now, but it was rough, not gonna lie. Doing any form of creative work was just a…

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    A quick Update

    I am still working intensely on the final installment of Specimen G-13, Heart of the Feles, and doing 3D modeling work for my projects and Dreamie in a Bottle. I admit I haven’t had much chance to refresh either of the websites, so it is on hold until I get this book finished which will…

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    Quarterly Update – 2022 #1

    ▲  Yes, I am now migrating from monthly posts to quarterly. Why? The sheer workload I am doing over at my sister’s business (dreamieinabottle) is keeping me occupied, alongside everything else I have been doing for my own work.The quarterly updates will be the same style as the old weekly and monthly ones use to…

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    2021 – Monthly Update #9/10

    This month, I’m merging two months’ worth of stuff together. Not just because of the amount of stuff I’ve been doing, but it’s also connected to unforeseen delays in deliveries. 3D Models & Second Life Things in the 3D modeling department are starting to slow down now, as my muse drifts from its latest fixation…

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  • 2021 – Monthly Update #6

    2021 – Monthly Update #6

    This month I’ve been doing all sorts of things; from work related to my sisters website,, to more model work, and getting started on The Maxwell Report book and continuing with Heart of the Feles. Let’s start with the models, as usual, shall we? 3D Model Progress As per usual I’ve been working hard…

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  • 2021 – Monthly Update #5

    2021 – Monthly Update #5

    I’ve been busy working on a few things this month! For starters, check out what I’ve been doing for my sister; a new look to her site, which I have been building for her! 3D Model Update I have been building on my collection of character and creature models, for a future game or…

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  • 2021 – Monthly Update #4

    2021 – Monthly Update #4

    This month I’ve been juggling jobs. Like, more than just for my own projects; I’ve been helping my sister start up her new business, which has been consuming a fair bit of my time I had hoped to dedicate to making more game models and learning Unity. Still, she needed the help desperately, and I…

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  • 2021 – Monthly Update #3

    2021 – Monthly Update #3

    This months update is a little short, mainly because I’m still feeling a bit ill, but also because I’ve been doing a lot of work that doesn’t really have much to show off right now. I’ll do my best, but you’ll probably need to check out one of my videos to fully understand what I…

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