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Artwork Gallery updated, plus more stuff!

Alright, it’s go time!

While I still haven’t fully grasped how my scanners features work, it’s not stopped me getting on with some other work on the side. Yes, I have been doing an article on travelling Japan, but I am also an artist at heart and need to do some drawing work.
I had a handful of projects already started before I left for Japan, namely the new prints I was drawing up at Comic Con last October. I had one print drawn for each of the Folklore tales, but I gave one of them away at the table to someone who liked it (yay!) so I had to redraw that characters print. I liked the original and took a picture before handing it over, but instead of drawing the same thing again I wanted to do something different…

The new 2019 print for Origins
The original 2018 print for Origins

The old print idea was nice at the time, but I have since redesigned the planet Edris, and editing a photograph of a picture is a lot more hassle than it’s worth. I also feel that the new 2019 print better captures the feel of the Origins story, depicting Aeons loneliness in an infinite universe. I may return to the idea of the original 2018 print, drawing it again from scratch for something in the future.
I also finished the 2019 print for Koru and Koura, again it is a huge improvement on the 2018 one I took to the convention.

The new 2019 Print of Koru and Koura
The old 2018 Print of Koru and Koura

Of course, all the old prints will remain up for sale until I decide to replace them with either remastered versions or outright retire them. I also have some more prints filtering out and into the Gallery (found under the More tab) based on future Folklore tales that aren’t even in the Beginners Guide yet. Now, onto the next topic…

This was always going to be an issue with the Jinimaru series: as I dream new tales or learn new things about this world all the time the Beginners Guide ends up missing new information. So, as I move forward, I must decide what to do about the additional information in regards to the Guidebooks. Do I simply make a second edition? Do I release each section individually and update those instead? I have already played around with the idea to provide “Light Editions” of the Beginners Guide, such as one book only containing breed information, and another being about Jinimaru Psychology, and so on. So, should the Beginners Guide remain the way it is? Should all this new information, some of it more detailed than before, be applied to the “Light Editions”? I haven’t decided yet, but I am already working on making these individual issues (which will only be available in print for now).

Print of Okinawa Wu’ton, from a new Folklore Story

I have so much planned for this series, it’s driving me nuts that I can’t share everything I have planned with you (spoilers and everything), and I am sorry for the delay in the Jinimaru Stories themselves. Hopefully the Light Editions to the Guide, and all the new artwork, will keep us busy until the Subject 218 comic is ready to launch, I will keep you updated on the comic and of course the status of when the next line of Jinimaru books will be out of hiatus. Speaking of updates; I have decided to update the blog weekly on a Wednesday (UK time), if major changes happen in the same week you may get the update earlier, or two in one week. I decided to do this for a while, just until I get the Twitch Stream sorted out, but that won’t be happening until all the building work is finished at our new house (should be over around August).

That’s all for now! I added these prints to the RedBubble store, more is on the way!


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