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Chapter Sample LIVE for “The Jinimaru Chronicles: Omega”

The chapter sample for our first novel is now available on the page labelled in the title! Although this sample is up for you to read now, it will likely change when the entire novel is finished as we are still in the ‘raw stage’ of the writing process.

We have established that The Jinimaru Chronicles trilogy will be our first novel release, with the trilogy being released in reverse order (Omega, Beta and finally Alpha.)
There will be a bonus mini-prequel to Omega explaining Tim’s life before his transformation as a human, though no date can be confirmed for its release just yet.

To prevent confusion, we will be labeling our covers for the trilogy in the correct order and stating prequels from main-stories. The cover for Omega is expected for release by September, and will be listed as number 3 of the trilogy.

More information will come soon! We didn’t release a newsletter this month since we have been working hard on the story to release our chapter sample. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter if you want to keep updated!

~Zuperbuu Works Staff

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