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Digital Copies Uncertain

I have been working hard to get the Jiniamru Compilation done, now that the Guide is finished, but have recently run into a slur of problems regarding formatting for E-Readers.

The text document is formatting correctly to PDF, but when transferred to an E-Reader the formatting is lost and the writing becomes difficult to follow; until further notice there is no certainty of any of the books being available on E-Readers.

Due to the lack of colour on many E-Readers it is also highly unlikely the Jinimaru Guide will be available on it, as some images that are used to display locations on Earth the Maru inhabit do not display any clear information in black and white. I intend on having the first instalment of the Compilation available on E-Readers once the formatting problem is resolved, but again for now it is an uncertainty.

In other news; Donisaur is in it’s final draft though it is the core work, not the young children’s adaptation which will require many pictures and less complicated wording. The version that is due out first is the standard edition, and future Donisaur work will be the children’s edition.

Thank you for being patient and I will keep you updated when any major changes or breakthroughs occur.

Thomas Edwards

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