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New Novel Information Page Added

I had another novel in the works for a long time, put it on hiatus for a few years, and have now resurrected it. It is the original story for Tim Adrien Argan (see Character Biographies Part 1) and is the most mature-rated novel in the collection.

At present there is very little information due to the adult nature of the story itself. There will be no chapter preview of this novel either because of the higher age rating, since too much of the preview would be ‘censored’ out. A briefing is added to Tim’s Biography on Page 1 as well, though (again) there is not much available there.
I plan on creating a full digital profile of Tim to post on the page eventually, which will contain more details about the novel that will be only lightly censored (to prevent spoilers, rather than mature language.)

Deviantart is now incompatible with the web-browser I use. The deviantart page is no longer able to be updated because of this, as a majority of their content no longer works. Please use one of the other contact points if you wish to communicate with me.

Expect more frequent updates regarding this novel over the coming months, and any status changes to Deviantart’s current instability.

~Thomas Edwards

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