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Revisions take soooooo long!

Hello again Readers!

Well, Volume 1 of Jinimaru Folklore is available, as are the first two volumes for Subject 218 (Tales of Tim), however I noticed an error in Volume 2 of Subject 218, nothing major but it still irks me a lot, I have already fixed the print version but the EPUB still has the error and needs reformatting since I accidentally deleted the EPUB files (oops!) For now, only volume 1 is available in EPUB.

Next on the agenda is Jinimaru Folklore and the infamous Guide (that takes forever to do). Volume 2 of Jinimaru Folklore is currently being proof-read, and after a day or so of editing after the proofing process it will be made available for print as well. Volume 3 and 4 are half-written but I intend on getting them done ASAP so they can be proof-read in time for the end of July. As for the guide? That is perfectly fine, it just needs the rest of the artwork! As usual though I am juggling too many tasks at the same time, so once I have the short stories proof-read I will return to doing the missing artwork for the guide, get that published, and then make the artwork for the interiors of volume 3 and 4. All books currently in progress now have their cover arts finished, and can be seen on their relevant novel pages as well as the gallery.

Thanks for being patient, as always!


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