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The past few months have been difficult, but I have been working hard to make some progress on my projects at the very least. I’ll start with the 3D model side of things…

Avatars and VTubing

I picked up converting some of my models, which I intended for use in SecondLife, and converted them into fully functional VTuber assets. I decided to give it a try on Minecraft, showing the world my Family and I play on, but just for this blog I have used it to do a video blog using it too.

3D Model Work

As I hinted in the last blog, I did indeed go about working on Subject 218 things. I started things off by applying my new toon shader to the old models, then reworked their hair using curves, before making things for the background. I also used some assets by KitBash to help out in making buildings, because I learned from that old cityscape I made that those things can take forever.

The above image was a test of my toon shader working on the “world” and not just the characters. Applying the shader directly to the assets in the background just washed out everything, and it was too bright. Leaving them with their default textures, and applying the shader to the world/sky itself, gave me slight Anime results, so I’ll be using that going forward.

Next on my list was to bulk out the range of characters; I added Toby and Freija to the mix, the POS car was a joy and pain to work on, and I also updated the old models’ outfits. I also made variants of the characters, such as Tim during his lab escape, and how he looks after it. There are also young adult versions of Tim, James, Kyle, and Freija, though they are not pictured (you can see them in the video).

After a while working on Subject 218 things, I decided to return to Specimen G-13 projects. I started off things by rebuilding the Edris map model from scratch, before converting it to use on the website. Afterward, I then converted five of the character models to be used on the site as well; you can see these models in either the “3D Edris Guide” or “Notable Characters” areas, respectively. I intend on doing a separate character corner for Subject 218.

Something else I decided to do as a break, and challenge, was to make a non-organic character; a robot, or automaton. The POS car was an asset, not a character, so it didn’t count; I went ahead and made my Transformers persona, after keeping their redesign to myself for the past few years. You can see it in action in the video below.

Aside from refining the current roster of characters, and making a few new ones for Subject 218, I haven’t produced anyone new for Specimen G-13…well, not wholly, at least.

This model is not Bachi or the Lancer; they are a character featured in Heart of the Feles. The only re-used asset is the Lancer mask, which has damage on it. Everything else is new.
I wanted to work on this model sooner rather than later because the inspiration/motivation hit me to do it after I’d done some writing for Heart of the Feles, and I didn’t want to lose it.

Novel Work

Writing Heart of the Feles remains a daunting task, but I have been making progress. I missed my deadline for the 1st draft in July, and again at the start of August, and it looks to remain that way for the next few months. I am just going to try and get the book drafted before the end of the year, and try to aim for a 2024 release.
You can see a video below of me reading notes and a segment of the WIP 1st draft. I do not intend on doing this in the future, but I had to do it at least once to help me during my healing process since Kiki passed away.

Other Things

I don’t really have much else to say, other than I have been cleaning up my old files and preparing the site with some minor changes. You can preview the Commissions page but they’re closed at the moment whilst I juggle so many projects, and rework the service.

Also, here’s something I dug up from 2016; it’s the original Hy’dra creature model. It has more verts and faces than it looks, so it’s terribly optimized and looks like something from the late 90’s. You can see the newer model beneath it.

See you all again soon!

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