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The Guide is finally finished!

It has taken many years, and at least two revisions, to get the guide finished. However, because of the higher price for printing in colour, there are two versions available; full colour and Black & White (B&W).
The benefits of the B&W version are the price and majority of the guide not needing full-colour. You do miss out on the location indicator maps featured on all 16 breeds pages, as regions of the map they live in, or are extinct in, are highlighted in various colours. Regions they live in or are extinct in are still listed in writing, you will just be missing out on the colourful visualisation of it.

You can find the B&W version here.
Full-colour version is located here.

I have set up a Lulu Xpress account for making print-on-demand copies of the Guide in Full-colour, which will be priced the same as the Black & White version found online, but they will only be for sale at the convention (though leftover stock will be sold on Etsy) since they are only printed when I order them myself. Next on the agenda is finishing the artwork for Volume 3 of Jinimaru Folklore, and then completing the first run of books with Volume 4!


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