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Greetings all, I have not updated my status for a while, huh? That’s because of a few things…

I have a Job!
I started work in August and boy, is it busy! I end up so exhausted that I barely have time or energy to make or draw anything, but that leads on to something else…

The site is getting an upgrade!
Whilst I may be super busy working, it hasn’t stopped me doing other work on the website or future content, it has just slowed it down. But now with the funds coming in I am now able to expand my server size to have a better looking site, with more items for sale in the store. This upgrade will come gradually, so don’t expect everything to come all at once.

The books are coming out of draft!
Two of my books drafts are 100% finished and are now in the proof-reading stage, however one is still missing much needed artwork (The Jinimaru Guide). As for the others, they are either 50% drafted or have only been briefed out.
I can confirm that Hunt Down is the other book out of Draft phase, and will be the first None-Guide related book to be released in the store. I am looking to get it out before New Year, but that is providing I don’t hit any further delays because of work or from missing artwork.

So that’s this major update out of the way, I hope to have something to show for you all in the next update! Thanks again for being patient.


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