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Just a short-ish post this week, as not much has happened since the last blog post (actually, a lot has happened, but not related to major projects).
I started practising with other streaming services, such as YouTube and DLive. I still prefer Twitch so don’t expect me to migrate anywhere else too soon. I watched the odd stream or two for ideas on how to make my streams look better, so I have redesigned the entire layout of the Overlay for it.

I haven’t just been playing around with making the stream more visually interesting. I have been doing a bunch of other things too! I have made some stickers based on dinosaurs in RAWR! It’s Donisaur, plus some of an anthropomorphic version of one portraying comical scenarios of an artist or authors struggles. The artists-themed drawings are also available on other items on the Donisaur page on redbubble.

Example of one of the new artworks.

Speaking of Donisaur, the first few pages of the first volume are finished. The children’s book will take some time to complete as, much like the comics, a lot of artwork has to be drawn for them. However, unlike the Subject 218 comic, Donisaur images have to be fully coloured. Each book will be 20 pages long, so that’s a lot of artwork to develop for it! I hope to get it done in time for ComicCon, but I am juggling a lot of projects and my mood swings between favouring each one at random. Right now Donisaur is getting the most of my attention, which is a good thing since it has been neglected for a few years now.
The last Jinimaru print of the Folklore set is almost finished, I plan on doing a live-stream finishing it off in the next few days. I was going to do it today but I have a bit of a cough right now from dust allergies, after reshuffling my room around and building work that went on yesterday. I haven’t 100% decided on if I will stream on a Wednesday yet, but so far this seems to be the best date for me to do them until they can become a more regular thing.

I am going to go and do some more writing for Specimen G-13 and the last volume of Subject 218 now. If I feel better tomorrow I will do the live-stream at the usual time of 9:30 AM (GMT) or 4:30 AM (EST). Stream usually lasts for an hour. In the future when I feel more comfortable with my set-up and less disruptive building work going on, I plan on doing more streams at better times of the day for those in the (EST) time-bracket.


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