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A few little things for this weeks update, plus one larger project that is still on-going, but I thought I’d share what is done so far for it, along with another project that had been on the conveyor belt for a while.

First on the agenda; you may have noticed the site now has advertising on it. Whilst I have tried to keep my site tidy and free of ads for many years, it is now required to have ads on the site to help keep it running. Hopefully in the future we can return to being 100% ad-free, but for now I have tried to ensure the ads are not intrusive to the sites look or feel. If you want to help make the site ad-free again, you can purchase a copy of one of my books here or some artwork here.

Speaking of artwork, onto the next little update; the Redbubble store now has a handful of new artwork for sale based on “Jinimaru Folklore Volume 1: Origins”, “Specimen G-13” and even art with ties to “My Gakidou”.

4 new pieces related to Origins and Specimen G-13

You can grab the Jonas/Ulnae items here, Aeon/Feles items here, Axion items here and Specimen G-13 ones here. This set is part 1 of up to 3 different series, you can grab the stickers for Set 1 (Origins) on their own here. G-13 is not part of Set 1 and is part of Set 2 (Specimen G-13), which is not yet finished. You can still get him on his own at the moment.

Connected to this new artwork is another piece which hits me closer to home, as it is the front cover artwork for the biography about my transitioning dubbed “My Gakidou”. As Hull Pride 2019 is just around the corner, I figured releasing this artwork now would be suitable, rather than holding onto it before the biography is finished. The artwork comes in 3 styles, one for flags/shirts with white background, one for t-shirts with purple background and another (pictured below) for everything else.
You can grab it on Redbubble as usual.

G-13’s tail completes the Transgender Symbol

I also finished 2 fairly large projects, but we’ll start with the first one: four new videos have been uploaded explaining how I do artwork, one being the basics, two covering colouring of line-work, and another based on scanning and preparing line-work. Some of these were done via stream so they last from 30 minutes to a whole hour. The video on the basics summarises everything in 11 minutes. Remember to subscribe to my Twitch or YouTube channels if you enjoy seeing how this artwork comes to life.

Finally, I have made the Japan Guide public to view for the time being but it is still incomplete. The overall bulk of the article is finished and ready to go, I am just working on places to eat at and then the entire thing should be finished.

Hmmm…news on the comics and books? I don’t know what you’re talking about! Okay, here’s a little status update for everything. “Draft” implies the work either has just its foundation in place, or is in the main writing process. Items “On Hold” are temporarily not being worked on until other projects are finished. Items listed as “Re-edit” are being modified by a new, separate, proof-reader:

Jinimaru Folklore
Vol 1 – Finished
Vol 2 – Finished
Vol 3 – Proof Reading Stage
Vol 4 – Queued for Proof Reading Stage and Artwork Stage

Other Jinimaru Work
Specimen G-13 Vol 1 – Draft 75%
Specimen G-13 Vol 2 – Draft 5% (On Hold)
A Beginners Guide – Finished
Guide Lite Editions – 50%. Artwork Stage

Subject 218
Vol 1 – Finished (Re-edit 0%)
Vol 2 – Finished (Re-edit 0%)
Vol 3 – Proof Reading Stage
Comic Issue 1 – 25% Editing Stage
Comic Volume 1 – 15% Scanned

RAWR! It’s Donisaur!
Volume 1 – 25% Scanned and Edited
Volume 2 – Draft Finished (On Hold)
Volume 3 – Draft Finished (On Hold)

Other Projects
My Gakidou – Draft 10%
Losing Speed – Draft 1% (On Hold)
Apocalypse Blue – Draft 1% (On Hold)

The first 2 volumes of Subject 218 are being re-proofed by a new proof reader who is more interested in the series than my previous one, this means the quality of the work will improve exponentially, and as such Volume 3 will not be made public just yet as it too needs to be proof-read again. The proof reader for Subject 218 is not the same one who covers my Jinimaru work. I offer these projects to be proof-read by people who have an interest in that one series subject, to avoid running into the same issues I did with the previous proof-reader of Subject 218.

That’s all for this Wednesday, I am away attending a course next week so the update will be a day late, as I don’t get back from the course until Thursday evening. Until then, I will keep working on the projects above, and if I make some miraculous breakthrough I will make another post before next week.


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