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Closure of Second Life services

I regret to inform all Zuperbuu Works followers on Second Life that I will no longer be making complete avatars. On the odd occasion I may provide rigged-mesh parts for users to purchase, or texture mods, but this will become a very rare thing.
There are various reasons as to why I am cutting the service. These include the following:

1. Time. This is the main reason; I can no longer juggle this many services by myself, and must dedicate as much of my time as possible to getting a book finished. How long it is taking is getting rather ridiculous.

2. Management Issues. I use to have several staff on Second Life but they have all since dispersed without notice, once again leaving me to juggle their assignments as well as my own, and as I have lost contact with several staff on Second Life I cannot hand over management over to them.

3. Funding. I was informed repeatedly by other staff and clients alike that they worried about my financial situations, yet raising the prices of my Second Life goods was a big no-no. Since Second Life services yield poor income over potential other areas I have decided to end said service to focus on something else I may stand a chance at getting a real “paycheck” with.

4. Real Life and Social Life. Similar in nature to Time. I have a lot of other things I could be doing that I find more enjoyable than getting trapped in a virtual world…like play video games with friends and family and watch movies with them. Unfortunately I found Second Life sucked out a HUGE chunk of my social life in the past and when I limited myself to a few hours a day on it I spent all my time building on it instead of balancing it with socialising.

So there you have it. Until further notice I am ending all avatar builds on Second Life and limiting my hours on it to 2 hours at most at any time I choose to go on it.
I thank all my followers on the service for their kind words of motivation and their amazing levels of patience, and hope to one day return to creating goods for them once all the above reasons have settled.

~ Thomas Edwards

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