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After long hours and many days working on the mesh Jinimaru Avatar update, the Second Life program continues to distort and ruin my meshes and textures, destroying the quality of the work and time I put into them.
Because of this massive setback I have scrapped the previous models and am now working on newer meshes with fewer polys in hope that they will turn out exactly as they should do in the Second Life world. Updates to anything related to meshes, artwork and sculpture will as always be found on our Tumblr blog.

I am also still in the process of setting up costume commissions, though cannot say when they will be available. I am still finishing off the example pieces and calculating delivery costs for specific items and combinations of items. As usual, artwork commissions are open and available; please e-mail me here for inquiries and remember you can always check out the Tumblr Blog for examples of my work.

The first written piece of work is completed; The Jinimaru Guide has all of its pages written, it just lacks artwork and needs proof-reading. It will not be released on its own but will be released alongside the first novel (the Compilation) which I hope to sell together for £15 (approx).

The Newsletter is still down whilst I work out the bugs of it sending 2 messages instead of 1, and adding the new artwork.

Thanks for being patient and hopefully should get this first work done before the year is out!

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