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Yes, I am now migrating from monthly posts to quarterly. Why? The sheer workload I am doing over at my sister’s business (dreamieinabottle) is keeping me occupied, alongside everything else I have been doing for my own work.
The quarterly updates will be the same style as the old weekly and monthly ones use to be, there’ll just be 4 a year instead of 12!

3D Models & Second Life

SecondLife services are once again ending due to time constraints. I hope to return to it again in the future, but for the time being, I am unable to create new items for the program or provide further support for existing ones.

As stated in November last year; I have no plans to work on models aside from 3D-printed projects for the next few months. Models for my book projects and game-related content will not resume until summertime when the next quarterly update is due.

Book/Writing Progress

Writing has been slow, and I am fast approaching my deadline for the first draft of Heart of the Feles. I am looking at possibly splitting the book in half, one because it is taking so long to write, and two it’s already a big book and printing limitations may come into effect as it nears the 400-page mark.

Heart of the Feles has been the only project written for so far this year, though a concept has been written for a spin-off series for adventures on Edris to continue, even after G-13’s tale is over. I just love this world I have built and want to keep revisiting it, with new characters and scenarios for them to engage with.
I don’t want to share details yet about these concepts, as they are super raw and are incredibly likely to change.

Dreamie in a Bottle

Aside from helping make my sister’s products, and doing stocking/supplying/bookkeeping, I have been working on some designs for my own products connected to my books! It’s still early days for them, but when they are ready you’ll see some previews on the DreamieinaBottle Instagram for sure!

Final Thoughts

I’m still a bit burnt out, but don’t fret; work will resume on the game/3D modeling front in no time! I have big plans for these models, not just for 3D printing them either, but I have so much on my plate right now that I need to clear up some of the other projects first before I can dig into doing large models again. Don’t worry, I’m still keeping in decent practice doing stuff for my sisters store!

The next update is due around June. See you then!


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