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Monthly Update #11

Ah yes, this month has been quite something. I’ve mainly been taking time off other projects to help my sister with her business, but have also been giving myself much-needed downtime as well. Let’s get into this update, shall we?

3D Models & Second Life

Whilst I have no pictures to show, I have finished the line of Dinosaur avatars for Second Life and made the first batch of free clothing that fit the bodies. (I forgot to take pictures!)
The Sauropod avatars neck just wasn’t working out, so I will just be providing the heads as loose, just like all future dinos. There are no plans to make other avatars.

I have no plans to work on models aside from 3D-printed projects for the next few months, then I aim to get more of my models finished of the Edris creatures and more assets for future game projects. These, however, aren’t likely to start until around summertime 2022.

Book/Writing Progress

This month’s writing has been on-and-off, not just in the amount of content being written, but the quality of said writing as well. I have had some days where the words flowed wonderfully, other days I would just stare at the screen and do absolutely nothing for 4 hours, then type up some crazed drivel that I would have to fix later. I was experiencing such terrible bouts of writing that I forced myself to stay off the computer for work over several days, only allowing myself to turn it on to play Minecraft. This tactic has been very fruitful, and my writing quality is returning to some form of normality.

Heart of the Feles continues to grow and is now 50% written in its first draft. It is on schedule to be fully written by June 2022, and fully edited and publish-worthy by June 2023.
I have done no work relating to Subject 218 this month. Actually, that’s a lie, I did write some stuff for the Maxwell Report, but it was mainly driveling and I will need to rewrite it all again. So, in a way, I didn’t do writing for it at all.

Dreamie in a Bottle

I have been working hard alongside my sister to create, package, and market her line of macrame friendship bracelets. We attended Hull Comic-con at short notice just yesterday! We had a great time and I took samples of the first 2 hardback editions for Specimen G-13, plus a sample of the Edris Compendium and even a sneak peek at Heart of the Feles!

Don’t forget to check out my sisters’ site, or her Etsy store! I help her with the orders and even make some of the items!

Final Thoughts

This month has been a combination of downtime and chaotic working at short notice, laid-back writing sessions, and horrific hurdles of hideously written literature. I have much to do to help my sister with Dreamie in a Bottle, and a lot of writing left to do for Heart of the Feles, but for the time being, I am going to use the rest of November to relax. I’m a little burnt out!


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