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This is a small update to mention that the Subject 218 Comic page is now up-to-date with all needed information regarding the series, including the first Issue. Connected to this is the first cover artwork for the comics.

Issue #1’s front cover
Back covers in comics usually contain ads: this is our temporary back cover!

The Titlecard is available as a sticker and shirt print on Redbubble as well. I’m sure I will get more done in the next few days, but I wanted to ensure you all knew the page was now updated right away. Some artwork is still missing from all my pages as I am still unpacking things from the house move and it’s hard to find everything I want, such as the old artwork from 2004. A few of my boxes aren’t in the new house and are stored at my grandmothers, knowing my luck the work I am looking for is there!

As previously mentioned, the comics are being released as Issues first. Each Issue covers roughly 1 or 2 chapters from the original Novel, with parts from the “Figure: Breaking Point” novel inserted at relevant points for “flashbacks”, hence why it isn’t displayed on the comic chronology. These Issues will be released in grayscale, but will be full colour in the final volumes. When the Issues coverage total 5 chapters from the novel or more, it will be rounded up into a Volume. It is expected that to cover all of Hunt Down in Comic-form will take 3 Volumes, or 15 Issues. Bloodhound is believed to sit at 2 Volumes, or around 10 Issues.
Multiverse tales do not have a novel to make similar estimations, so it’s all just guesswork for them. However, the Cat Plotline is the shortest of the 3 multiverse endings, and is likely to be just 5 Issues. The other two alternate endings are expected to be about 10 Issues, or more.

The comics plot might sound confusing, but I will try to simplify the structure here with a makeshift table-like-graph-thing.

The multiverse issues will be made when the Core Plot issues are finished.

Anyway I think I have confused you all enough. I am going to get back to editing Issue #1 and writing the last few pages of Specimen G-13, hopefully by the end of May I will have Issue #1 finished!


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