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Another week has rolled by, and unfortunately I have nothing new to actually show for this weeks blog, so there isn’t a video this time around.
As I have been cracking on with the books the only progress made has been in writing, so for this week here is just a status update on a bunch of projects.

Subject 218 – Comic
The 2nd Issue is all sketched out and ready for inking. After it is finished I will then be moving on to a written project, before returning to work on Issue #3. Issue #2 will not be out for a few months as I am still looking for somewhere to print the individual Issues. Amazon will have all EPUB versions and the compiled Volume Editions. The first Volume will be made available after Issue #3 or #4 is finished.

Subject 218 – Novel
Still sat in wait for my new proof-reader to sink their teeth into. While the old versions will still be on sale, the new “Remixed” editions will only be sold via Amazon and will sport new covers and better labelling (no longer having “Volume #” in the title.) The proof-reader will not likely get them remixed before October.

My Gakidou
50% written in detail, with nearly all images inserted into the manuscript already. I have yet another proof-reader and editor to work on My Gakidou, so I am hoping to have it ready to sell at Comic Con in October. The manuscript/first draft should be completed by the end of the month.

Specimen G-13
Also 50% finished in writing, with only a handful of artwork completed for its interior. I am once more not fully satisfied with my cover design and will be making a new one. The proof-reader in charge of the Jinimaru Project has not finished editing Folklore volumes 3 and 4 yet, so will not be proofing Specimen G-13 until they are ready. It will be highly unlikely that Specimen G-13, or even Folklore volume 3 and 4, will be ready in time for October.

Jinimaru Folklore/Guides
All the “Lite Editions” of the Beginners Guide are now fully written and edited, but are missing new and up-to-date artwork. As I am focusing my artwork sessions on Subject 218 and Specimen G-13 right now, the smaller guides are on hold and will not likely be on sale this October. As stated above, the same applies to Folklore volume 3 and 4 as well.

RAWR! It’s Donisaur!
As I am working on getting my written projects done, while working on the comic at the same time, Donisaur is now going to be put on hold until at least My Gakidou and the Remixed Subject 218 books are finished. It could be put on hold much longer to get Specimen G-13 part 1 and 2 done as well. The first book will be available at Comic-con.

G-Fuel Review is still on-going and I am now almost done with week 2 of 4. I will be posting the monthly review as a video with some written information also available when the period is over.
The My Gakidou badges were going to be sold on Etsy, however the website has introduced ridiculous amounts of fees now that means the badges could not be sold for the original prices I had intended (around £3 excl. P&P) so I will be looking at setting up my shop directly on my own site. For now this is not my top priority as I have a lot of written work to get on with, but sometime after Comic Con I will be getting the site a https tag (which you pay to get) and working on a small store. The badges will be sold at Comic Con at the table for £2.99 each, or will be free to those who buy a copy of My Gakidou, again providing the book has been proofed and edited in time.

That’s all for this week! I will be taking a short break next Wednesday from the usual blog just to try and make more progress on my projects, as not much will have changed besides My Gakidou being more fleshed out, so an update will not be needed. Hopefully by the 24th the first draft will be finished and will be on the editing/proofing stage, and will be finished and ready for print by mid-august.


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