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EDIT: Well my WordPress theme got updated and no longer supports Header Images…it looks really empty without the header there, kinda boring too if you ask me. I have sent a query into it with the developer but I doubt they’ll do anything about it. I’ll keep tweaking the theme until I find something that works again.

Well after that break from updating last week I can finally show some stuff off! Not much, but still something!

I got myself some Event Name Badges to wear to Comic-Con, either in costume or without, and while they have a noticeable white line at the top and bottom of them the rest of the card print is great. I tried Zazzle this time, and while the final print is not 100% what I designed (no white but the text should be there) I will be using them again.

Excuse the poor camera quality, the room couldn’t get any brighter! (As usual in the UK it is cloudy.) I have a bunch of samples from Redbubble, and I am very pleased with the print quality. You can now find a direct link to the Redbubble store below the Header Image on our website.
Speaking of stores…

After some mess with Etsy adding 3 more fees to sellers listings, I have decided to make my own store on our website to sell creative projects and any leftover stock of books. The reason behind this is Etsy itself looking to bleed as much money out of its users as possible. It use to just be one fee to list the items…now it’s got an additional one to relist it after 4 months, one at sale and another for delivery value (even though they are not responsible for delivering the item!) I am not the only person to boycott Etsy for this sudden change, as countless other artists who made their living on the site now have to find alternative means to sell their wares, as the new fees in place would take huge chunks of their profit margin out…and I was only going to sell small items, worth around £5 or less each, and I would see no profit at all with these fees in place, so I wouldn’t be able to make anymore items.
The store is a WIP right now and only displays the new badges, but please do NOT buy from the store or set up an account until I have officially announced it as open. I need to purchase a HTTPS encryption certificate first and work on a redirection system as the old URL will no longer work. You can still look at the store as I develop it though. You can find all store-related links besides the Bookstore under the Website Header Image. For legal reasons I have provided a Privacy Policy in advance, and a info/disclaimer page for any 3rd party sites we use to provide printed goods.

I have also ordered myself 4 new taster packs of G-Fuel to expand the review page. I would like to review all the flavours on offer someday. When they arrive I will try one a day and update the review page as before. The month-long review session has been compromised by a lot of personal illness, so while I will publish my findings anyway I will not be posing the videos until I do the month again (September) and hopefully be relatively sickness-free.

Finally on the list this week are some updates. Here you go!
⬜ Subject 218 Issue #2 is sketched and needs Inking. Issue #3 is 10% sketched.
⚪ Subject 218 Re-Write is still waiting for the proof-reader.
⚪ My Gakidou is 80% written in first-draft. It is still on schedule to be finished by the end of the month to then be handed to a proof reader.
⚪ Specimen G-13 is 60% finished in first-draft. It is on hold until My Gakidou is finished.
⚪ Jinimaru Folklore Volume 3 + 4 are still in a queue for proof-reading.
⚪ The mini guidebooks for Jinimaru are fully written and now just need artwork.
⚪ RAWR! It’s Donisaur! #2 is on hold until My Gakidou and Subject 218 (Comic) Issue #2 and #3 are published.

That completes this weeks update, see you again next week!


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