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This is a short one, as I have a lot of work still half-way finished or just shy of being finished. I don’t have anything to show yet but can provide some information at least!

✅ My Gakidou has it’s first draft finished and is now awaiting proof-reading.
⬜ Specimen G-13 is still 60% finished in first-draft. Writing has now recommenced.
🔵 Subject 218 books are still waiting for the new proof-reader.
⬜ Subject 218 Comic #2 is now being inked. #3 is 10% sketched and is in queue.
🔵 Jinimaru Folklore Volume 3 + 4 are still in a queue to be proof-read.
🔴 The Jinimaru Guides still need artwork. Artwork is on hold until Subject 218 Issue #2 is done.
🔴 RAWR! it’s Donisaur #2 is on hold until both Specimen G-13 AND Subject 218 Issue #2 and #3 are finished.

I have received a price quotation for My Gakidou print costs. It will be sold at Comic-Con and on my website for £5.99 and at £7.99 elsewhere. I am doing a bundle offer with the badges for £6.99 at Comic-Con and on my site. The bundle will not be available anywhere else as nowhere else stocks the badges. The book will be available for £1.99 as an E-Book on Amazon, and will be free on Kindle Unlimited. A price cannot yet be given for Specimen G-13 as it is not finished, however it will also be £1.99 as an E-Book and will be free on Kindle Unlimited as well.

Subject 218 Issue #1 got accepted at Comixology! That’s all I have on that for now, I hope to see where things go from there and look forward to getting Issue #2 done, I just need to reduce the workload right now by getting these other projects finished.

More information will be available by next Wednesday, or at least I hope so! For now that’s it, thanks for stopping by and see you again next week!


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