Revisions take soooooo long!

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    Revisions take soooooo long!

    Hello again Readers! Well, Volume 1 of Jinimaru Folklore is available, as are the first two volumes for Subject 218 (Tales of Tim), however I noticed an error in Volume 2 of Subject 218, nothing major but it still irks me a lot, I have already fixed the print version but the EPUB still has…

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    Jinimaru Folklore has begun!

    Greetings readers! I have some great news! As you may have noticed, I recently added a countdown widget to the sidebar of the website, which is currently counting down to Subject 218’s first two volumes. Well, that’s just the start of the good news; Jinimaru Folklore Volume 1 is finished and is now available for…

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    New Server!

    Hey again! Well, I migrated the website to a new server, and all is smooth so far. I am going to be completely overhauling the look and feel of the site over the next few months, but for now everything is functioning as intended. You can now purchase physical copies of the Subject 218 books,…

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    Volume 1 of the Tales of Tim series!

    Here we go again! I received my first test prints of the books, and whilst I loved how they looked I felt there was some room to improve them. I have already corrected Operation: HUNT DOWN and have officially released it from the depths of my brain-closet for you to enjoy. Or maybe take Tim’s advice…

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    First Published Books, and More!

    Greetings viewers (and soon to be readers, I hope!) First and foremost, I want to thank you for your patience; it’s been a rough few years, both in writing and in my daily life, but progress is finally starting to show. The website is still hosted on an inferior server, but this is temporary and…

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    Site Issues

    Our server is not capable of maintaining even a standard amount of graphics on the website, so it will be yo-yo-ing in and out of availability until I can find a suitable replacement. Please check our facebook page for information if the website is down, and I hope to get everything up and running (and…

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    A quick little post!

    View the Cover Art here It’s finally coming next year…the Guide I have been working on for the past 5 years, or 18 years if you want to be VERY precise, will be ready for digital publishing…as will, of course, the first volume of the Folklore. Hunt Down is still ready for the final polishing…

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    Work and Progress

    Greetings all, I have not updated my status for a while, huh? That’s because of a few things… I have a Job! I started work in August and boy, is it busy! I end up so exhausted that I barely have time or energy to make or draw anything, but that leads on to something…

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    Refreshing refresh of the site!

    Well, kinda…the site got a clean-up and the store finally works, but I had to scrap the newsletter completely to make enough space for it. When I am given a bigger disk space I will gladly return it to our services. …and our Second Life vendors got a refresh as well! Check it out! If…

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    Temporary Closure of Newsletter

    I am dealing with updating the website issues, and this is having an effect on the newsletter updating as well. For the time being the newsletter is not in service. ~Thomas

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