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    1st Update of 2023!

    ISo… that post that was meant to be out in December never happened. Sorry about that, illness sucks. Especially the kind that makes you bedridden for days, or puts a loved one in the hospital. We’re all good now, but it was rough, not gonna lie. Doing any form of creative work was just a…

  • Monthly Update #11

    Monthly Update #11

    The Edris Compednium has now launched and is now on sale worldwide on Amazon! This month, however, I have spent doing work for “Dinovember!” Dinovember Madness! There have been a large number of pieces created this month for Dinovember; from stickers to shirts, and my personal favourite, the mug!I whipped up a lot of cartoon…

  • Monthly Update #10



    Monthly Update #10

    We’re almost at the finish line for the Edris Compendium’s big launch at the end of the month! So, let’s tackle that first, shall we? The Final Stretch The above pictures are from my newest sample of the Edris Compendium; a compilation of texts and artwork relating to the alien world of Edris, home to…

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    Monthly Update #8

    Ho-hum…I’ve been spending a lot of time writing this month! Let’s get cracking on with the update, it’ll be brief this time though! The Edris Compendium I have completed more artwork for the compendium, but it still needs 11 more bits of work doing to have it anywhere near a “finished” state. I could add…

  • Monthly Update #5

    Monthly Update #5

    I have this month’s update ready! Or at least, as best I can do at this moment in time. My brain is a bit like mashed potato right now after spending the past few nights editing Specimen G-13 until I exhausted myself. Anyway; off we go! The Jinimaru Project – Status Update I have a…

  • Monthly Update #4

    Monthly Update #4

    It’s that time again! Well, actually I’ve done this one a bit early, but I felt I had to under the recent circumstances. I’m not going to ramble here any longer; better get right into the updates! The Jinimaru Project – Status Update As is the norm I have been dedicating 99% of my writing…

  • Monthly Update #3

    Monthly Update #3

    We’ve all had a rough month, what with the COVID-19 and all the impacts it’s left on peoples lives, and while I feel great distress from seeing what is happening outside my four-walls to the world outside I have chosen to continue my work no matter how upset I am or unwell I feel; times…

  • Monthly Update #2

    Monthly Update #2

    This Monthly Update is a bit earlier, but that’s February’s fault for being a shorter month, and I was sick for a while with the flu. I had less time to do work! Curses! Anyway, I still managed to get a lot of stuff done this month regardless of the shorter time-span and crippling illness…

  • Monthly Update #1

    Monthly Update #1

    This is the first (official) update of the new year AND for the new monthly update system! A lot of things have been happening during January, both good and bad, so let’s kick things off first with some of the good! The Edris Compendium – Progress so far I have been writing huge chunks of…

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    Weekly Update #12

    We have badges! Oh, and some other stuff. Check it all out in the video below. Because my webcam is really bad and can’t show the detail in these little badges, here are some pictures! You can see them and a few more pictures on the Merchandise section of the site too, or in the…

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