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This months update is a stellar one! I have so much to share. Away we go!

The Jinimaru Project – Status Update

Again, I have a lot of really exciting news; the Jinimaru Project’s huge art book, the Edris Compendium, checklist of things to do (artwork related) is 50% complete. Everything seems to be on track for that end of year launch I had planned for it, and if I work really hard I may be able to push it out earlier than anticipated. Editing and formatting the Compendium shouldn’t be as taxing a job as the likes of Specimen G-13, namely because I find structuring books like it easier whilst I write them out, compared to novels that require a heavier amount of formatting when they’ve been written.
Whilst the Edris Compendium still has a lot of work to do before I declare it finished, I couldn’t wait to start working on part 2 of Specimen G-13, and have just been referencing the book for continuities sake whilst I start the first draft of “The Black Knight”.

“But Thomas, how can you start Part 2 when Part 1 isn’t out?” Ah! I completely forgot; Specimen G-13 part 1 is now available on Amazon! I published it on Saturday but it took a few days to get the go-ahead from Amazon for printing, but it is now available to purchase.
5 years, 3 re-writes, 5 drafts, 1 book. It may have taken me 5 years to get Specimen G-13 part 1 polished up into a state I feel confident with, but in reality this book took 21 years of work to do. Over that period of time, I was making notes of my dream world, sketching out characters and creatures that lived in it, before compiling it all together in a neat package called “The Beginners Guide to Jinimaru”. After that book was drafted up I started Specimen G-13 and, much like the Edris Compendium and The Black Knight, went back to reference the Guide whilst writing it.
Now enough wallowing in my melting brain, you’ll want those links right? Well, here you go!

I would normally share a snippet from the Edris Compendium at the end of the project status update, but I don’t think I will this time, you’ll have to wait till next month!

The Website Store

I’ve been working hard setting up an online store for all my original arts and crafts, like my paintings and the enamel pins, and all that’s left is to set up a courier or delivery service. Right now I don’t advise trying to buy anything from the store as I am still unable to deliver items (other than Royal Mail) but you can still look at it by clicking the “More!” button commonly found on the homepage, or click here:

Pins like this will be sold on the website store.

As soon as I am able to confirm my online store is set up and running well, including the courier services, I will post a new update. It is also worth mentioning that the website store is hosted on another server, one that specialises in managing secure online stores, which uses better encryption than my site has access to, so all transactions made on the website store are private.

Everything is going “Amazon Exclusive”

It is with immediate effect that I terminate all connections with my former printer and distributor, Lulu. They were a very valuable service and were a pleasure to work with in the past, however, recent changes made to the site and a lapse in customer service has left me with no other choice but to terminate any projects I once made for the website.

The original Subject 218 books and Donisaur will be removed from the site the minute they restore my abilities to do so, and will also be joining my new written works as Amazon exclusives. I understand this may be an inconvenience to some people, especially to those who don’t like Amazon, but websites like LuLu are becoming more unreliable and untrustworthy to use. I apologise for this, but I had to think about the quality of my work and the level of care my distributor gives to that work, and LuLu no longer shows any care for me or my projects.

Final Thoughts

I know, there are only a few updates here, but they required huge amounts of work to do this month, so whilst I don’t have as much variety in things being done this time around I have been ensuring to focus all my efforts on getting a book launched, a store set up, and resolving issues with LuLu who use to publish for me. Still, I hope you’re just as excited as I am for the launch of Specimen G-13 part 1, and the future release of the Edris Compendium later this year, and a hopeful paunch for The Black Knight in 2021!

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