2021 – Monthly Update #9/10

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    2021 – Monthly Update #9/10

    This month, I’m merging two months’ worth of stuff together. Not just because of the amount of stuff I’ve been doing, but it’s also connected to unforeseen delays in deliveries. 3D Models & Second Life Things in the 3D modeling department are starting to slow down now, as my muse drifts from its latest fixation…

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  • Monthly Update #12

    Monthly Update #12

    Happy Holidays! This year has been something, hasn’t it? I could round up everything I’ve done this year in the last update for 2020, but new things have been worked on and I don’t want a long string of highlights from the whole year to drown them out… The Edris Compendium: Cosplay Edition The work…

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    Monthly Update #8

    Ho-hum…I’ve been spending a lot of time writing this month! Let’s get cracking on with the update, it’ll be brief this time though! The Edris Compendium I have completed more artwork for the compendium, but it still needs 11 more bits of work doing to have it anywhere near a “finished” state. I could add…

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    Monthly Update #6

    This months update is a stellar one! I have so much to share. Away we go! The Jinimaru Project – Status Update Again, I have a lot of really exciting news; the Jinimaru Project’s huge art book, the Edris Compendium, checklist of things to do (artwork related) is 50% complete. Everything seems to be on…

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    Weekly Update #12

    We have badges! Oh, and some other stuff. Check it all out in the video below. Because my webcam is really bad and can’t show the detail in these little badges, here are some pictures! You can see them and a few more pictures on the Merchandise section of the site too, or in the…

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    Weekly Update #10

    I apologise for the video being split, but getting a printed copy of the comics individual issues sorted out has been a real mind-wrecking experience! Hopefully in the coming weeks I can start getting this moving forward, but we shall soon see. Just a caution for those who want to go into self-publishing both books…

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    Weekly Update #9

    I am waiting for my print samples to arrive for Subject 218 Issue #1, samples for the badges and additional samples for T-shirts. However, I do have some information to share before the samples show up! This blog will be updated with a video when any of the samples arrive. The Website The Japan Guide…

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    Weekly Update #8

    THE COMIC! Issue #1 is finally done with colouring and effects, and is almost ready for print! Check out the video for more information. All very exciting! More information will be posted when available about this project, and the Enamel Badges. Thomas

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    Weekly Update #7

    This is a very short update this week, as I have been grinding through making the comic exclusively and have only made progress with that and little else. Although… Many of you have probably seen the “My Gakidou” book cover design now, for those who haven’t you can see it on its dedicated page here.…

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